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Plastic pharmaceutical packaging broad prospects
Release time:2016-5-7 11:13:24                  Click times:737
In recent years, the rapid growth of medicinal plastic packaging materials and products market, new material, new craft, new technology, new products are constantly emerging. The emergence of many new products, improve the old situation of medicine packaging. Pharmaceutical packaging has also turned into a high speed and quick way of packing machinery, electronics, etc. Packaging form also by ordinary glass bottles, wax pill packaging and plastic bottles into composite plastic bags, such as aluminum-plastic blister forms, etc. Among them, the compound material production Art is divided into multi-layer co-extrusion, lu: su composite, aluminum plating, etc.
At present, the national pharmaceutical packaging industry output value reached 15 billion yuan. Currently, drug packaging is aluminum, plastic, glass coexist. But the proportion of plastic packaging is burgeoning, particularly the plastic bottles have preempted the glass part of the market share.
Now, China's pharmaceutical companies to apply for "production quality management norms" (GMP), in order to improve the quality of products. Plastic in the pharmaceutical market will have a very big development space, choose different plastic different drugs, the most commonly used is HDPE, PP, PVC and PE.
Plastic main forms and characteristics of pharmaceutical packaging
The main form of plastic pharmaceutical packaging plastic bottles, aluminum-plastic blister packaging, packaging, bags, these are tablets more than 95% of the total amount of packaging. Among them, the article accounted for about 15% of packaging, bag packaging accounts for about 10%, plastic bottles and aluminum-plastic blister packaging each accounted for more than 30%. In aluminum-plastic blister packaging, accounted for more than 30%. For drug packaging plastic material sort is more, including PVC, PE, PP, PS, PET, nylon and so on. The PE, PP and PET, the largest proportion of the amount of PVC on the decrease.
1. Plastic bottles (bag)
Liquid medicine is mainly divided into, syringes, infusion and oral liquid. Liquid medicine bottle and bag two main kinds of packaging form. Polyester bottles is currently one of the most important drug packaging materials. As a pharmaceutical packaging machine, PET has many advantages. In addition, the recovery and utilization of PET resin is higher than other plastic, as the combustion of waste processing, its heat of combustion low caloric value and inflammable, and does not produce harmful gases.
Plastic packaging is a breakthrough on the big infusion drugs. According to incomplete statistics, at present the country has passed GMP certification of the infusion is about more than 200 enterprises, infusion production capacity of around 3 billion bottles. Annual production capacity of more than 10 million bottles of more than 100 enterprises. And most of the infusion solution abroad adopt high quality plastic bottle or plastic bags. Along with the polyolefin plastic bags and the rapid development of BOPP bottles in this area, the situation is changing.
On oral liquid, has soft plastic section for application, and gradually expand the scope of application. Hard plastic bottles are slowly replace glass used in packaging syrup and other large volume of liquid medicine, which is consistent with the development of Europe.
From the current our country the application and development of the pharmaceutical packaging container, should speed up the popularization and application medicine oral liquid class the speed of the plastic containers. Its specification in 100 ml to 200 ml, the application of raw materials for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and new material PEN, including the development of high quality light and calibration on container or PET bottles with measuring cup, to replace the poor quality of glass bottles.
Because our country traditional Chinese medicine pills, capsules, powder, etc. In the international market development space is larger, so also should speed up the development of traditional Chinese medicine plastic hollow container packing. Such as the application of high density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), PET, PEN and other materials of hollow plastic containers, and USES the injection blow molding, injection blow molding process. In the hollow container with aluminum foil electromagnetic induction sealing gasket, increase the container to protect the safety of the drug, eliminated the yellow round bottle closure Fall behind of the wax holding drug packaging.
Our country to encourage the production and use advanced non PVC infusion soft bag packaging products, but at present the national total output and demand is far from year to year. The PVC infusion flexible packaging bags is the international brand new concept of full closed intravenous infusion products, developed countries have more than 10 years in clinical application. By the practical application results show that the PVC infusion bag the best security. Glass bottle is adsorption is very small, but is return air pollution, a crack damage detection, stopper is powder off.
2. The film packaging
In our country, the main application of traditional Chinese medicine granules, powder, powder, such as plastic composite film bag packaging, the main variety of development of the following: (I) two-way stretch polypropylene (BOPP) film; (2) salivate method of polypropylene film (CPP); (3) polyester film (PET); (4) the polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) thin film.
The coating is one of the most commonly used technology in pharmacy. In recent decades, with the new material, new technology, the continuous development of new equipment, coating technology developed rapidly and formed a set of relatively complete theory and operation experience, occupies an important position in the pharmacy. As film formers and most auxiliary additives are physical and chemical performance of polymer materials. Now many film-forming materials and auxiliary materials, carefully designed can be made into all kinds of different characteristics of thin film, in order to change the way that the cored position of drug release and drug release properties. Now the research and development of new preparation products commonly used coating film coating, the basic component of film coating prescription including film-former, coating materials, solvents, plasticizing agent, colorant, you can also add to the pore, insoluble packing, etc. Thin film coating formulation is critical for coating the success or failure.
3. Can take pharmaceutical packaging
This kind of packaging materials mainly capsules, microcapsule, and accessories. Soft capsule which is also called elastic capsule, which depends on the size of the capsule shell gelatin, plasticizer and water ratio.
4. Blister packaging
The most common blister packaging is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) and compound double aluminum (CFF) made of. PVC sheet has the very good compatibility, and easy to forming and sealing, low price, but the moisture barrier property is relatively low. CFF has the very good moisture barrier property, but easy to distort and couldn't see the inner drugs, therefore, pill drugs is rarely used.
5. Synthetic paper
FangZhi membrane (synthetie paper), also known as "synthetic paper, aggregation, paper, plastic, paper" pearl ".
With the reform of China's health care system, medical packaging disorderly, the backward situation of fundamental shift will occur. A few days ago, our country is introduced and update the pharmaceutical packaging machinery and materials, medical packaging industry will present a new situation. Type solid drugs in our country in recent years, such as capsule, injection, medicine packaging is stuck outside update quickly, at the same time the use of disposable plastic syringes injection to China packaging and application to bring a big change, big infusion bag with the direction of improvement is also a direction of composite flexible packaging bags and plastic packaging.
Experts argue that China's pharmaceutical packaging should do the following: first, to speed up the popularization and application medicine oral liquid plastic containers; Second, speed up the development of traditional Chinese medicine plastic hollow container packing, should be applied to materials such as HDPE, PP, PET, PEN, and use the molding process such as injection molding production of plastic hollow container. In the mouth of the hollow container using aluminum foil sealed electromagnetic induction gasket, to strengthen protection for the safety of the drug, and at the same time to speed up the popularization and application of traditional Chinese medicine plastic composite film bag packaging.
Although drug packaging don't like medical products direct contact with human body buried within the human body and even if they do not conform to the requirements of the health and stability, indirect contact will cause serious damage to the safety of life. Therefore, all plastic materials for drug packaging, must conform to the state drug administration issued by the drug packaging materials. Imported and the new development of pharmaceutical packaging materials also need to declare and testing.
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